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Podsix was built on the foundation of improving business processes and increasing efficiency through a consultative approach that brings technology and people closer together.

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Ecommerce isn’t just about giving your customers the ability to purchase your goods online, It’s about your customers’ experience to ensure repeat business. Podsix understands that an elegant design doesn’t necessarily mean stellar functionality, and vice versa. We take a holistic approach to incorporate both. We take pride in guiding you through the entire eCommerce process and demonstrating how to get the most out of it. It is our mission to create a storefront that is representative of your brand, while ensuring all benefits of the platform are being utilized. Our skill sets can be separated into the following areas:

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Good eCommerce web design is all about using the right colors, fonts, images, words and graphics to help your visitors feel comfortable. In turn they will be more likely to make a purchase. Your eCommerce website design should attract potential customers, provide a great user experience and present your shop in the best light possible. At Podsix we create a foundation for easy content changes and manipulation while following the rules of lean UI design. This results in a smooth and timely development process leaving you with a digital storefront that you can be proud of.

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User Experience

User experience is paramount for turning visitors into customers and turning customers into repeat customers. Every single detail of your website, from product images to contact forms, can contribute to a user’s decision to make a purchase. That’s why we always keep the user in mind when we’re working with you to design your digital store. We know what users look for and we continue to adapt our designs as consumer expectations change.

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Catalog Support

Podsix has years of experience in managing robust product catalogs, from the point of creation to ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Many of our customers have a complex set of products that require several attribute sets and compatibility possibilities, which can make for quite the headache for both you and your customers. In these cases catalog execution is essential to an effective eCommerce storefront. Our team will incorporate our proven catalog implementation system and give you the ongoing guidance you’ll need as your catalog changes.

Tailored to your Business

We understand that each of our customers will have different requirements of their eCommerce platform. Our experience across multiple industries (retail, distribution, manufacturing, B2C, etc) allows us to take a white-glove approach to ensure the best fit while giving you a quick and efficient implementation. We have taken a different approach to the “agency-model” as we have hired a large and robust team in-house from the inception of Podsix that allows us to bring your company to market quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

We’ve heard many horror stories and they are usually due to a disconnect between the development agency and their client. We understand that our clients are juggling many responsibilities and it’s hard to take the time to provide us with what we need. That’s why we have perfected a well guided and efficient consultative approach to ensure your time is utilized efficiently, which ultimately helps us achieve implementation deadlines. At Podsix the first thing we do is understand your internal processes and customer base, which then allows us to effectively design, build and implement a revenue generating solution.

Vetted Partnered Solutions

Although Podsix has experience in all things eCommerce, we understand there are areas that there are solutions in the marketplace that can provide specific use case solutions for eCommerce platforms. We are dedicated to discovering and vetting the best eCommerce extensions from our vetted partners.

Some of the state-of-the-art solutions we have developed internally or implement for our customers include:

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  • CRM Integrations
  • Cart Management Tools that allow customers to increase revenue and convert more customers
  • Robust Search Tools that ensure the best User Experience
  • Multi-Channel Integrations (ChannelAdvisor, Quipt) for Streamlined Sales through all channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Storefront Direct
  • Financing Integrations for No-Risk Customer Credit Application (Behalf, Affirm, etc.)
  • User-Friendly Returns Module for High Volume Return businesses with Reverse Logistic Features
  • Merchant Services
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