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Podsix was built on the foundation of improving business processes and increasing efficiency through a consultative approach that brings technology and people closer together.

Transparent Expectations

Through our experience, we understand that we are building new and fixing old problems while they are still operating and growing their businesses. We understand that ERP systems and web development touches all facets of the business. We have built internal processes that focus on transparent expectations and visibility throughout the entirety of the project. Many ERP companies promise the world and at implementation time, the system or solution doesn’t reflect the expectations of the customer.

Our approach focuses on putting in the work to understand the business and create a solution with clear expectations. Within the building process, we understand that transparency and communication are key factors in delivering and implementing new digital solutions.

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Understand Your Business

Many web development companies focus on the systems they work with rather than taking time to discover and design solutions that fit the business. Our team at Podsix takes an approach that starts with our team understanding the business, its processes and the pain points of the client to help recommend and/or design and build a tailored solution that will “move the needle” within the business.

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Deliver Value

There are thousands of systems and solutions that are in the marketplace today. The biggest question is, “what value does it bring to my business?” Because of our experience working within our own companies, we understand the planning and discovery phase to be the most integral part within designing and building software solutions. We aren’t focused on the size of the project, how fast we can implement solutions, but more importantly, how can we drive value, reduce costs and increase revenue for our partners. Our goal is to find the RIGHT solution for your business and to deliver value through measurable outputs.

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Not only do we have a team of highly-skilled developers and project managers, but we have a team with real-world business experience. Podsix was born from two distribution and fulfillment companies that allowed the team to learn and develop solutions that affect all aspects of business.

ERP Integrations

Has there been a time that your business needed two systems, whether internal or external, to be connected to increase efficiency or revenue generation? Podsix specializes in state-of-the-art integrations that allows companies to focus on continued growth.

Some of the integrations we have done in the past are highlighted below.

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  • Omnicommerce Channel Integrations
  • Vendor Integrations
  • Multi-Retail Solutions
  • Third-party Financing Integrations
  • EDI Integrations
  • Accounting Platforms
  • CRM Integrations

Data Aggregation & Reporting

There are hundreds of ERP systems within the marketplace and finding the right solution is a long and necessary process for your business. One thing to consider when implementing a new ERP or operating an existing system is how accessible is your data. From there, how can we manipulate this data to provide easy and quick metrics for key leaders to make decisions within the business. Our team of developers and analysts take pride in their ability to not only aggregate data but creating sets that bring true value to the business.

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